In today's ultra connected world a lot of people talk about not wanting to be found and how the only way to get off the grid is to live in a cave. For others all they want is be found. But for most of us we are looking for mix or rather a way to manage our reputation.

The desire to be found extends past individuals to companies and organizations as well. And this is shown by all the money spent on trying to be easily findable by advertising on billboards hiring experts to increase one's ranking in popular search engines. A corollary to this is the desire to not be found or at least to have the good things people think about outrank the negative ones.

Once an entity is found there are a variety of actions they desire users to take including nothing. While that might sound crazy especially if good money is spent on being findable. However I think it is a valid desire if only because being findable at one point in time is an investment for the future of wanting a user to take more action or at least it is according to search engines that rank older sites better than newer sites.

I think the reason most individuals spend time and money on being findable is to demonstrate expertise whether that is professional or recreational. The easiest and cheapest way to do that today is by being findable on the Internet. The quickest way to do that is to create a social media account and upload some content. But if you want to own your online reputation then you need to create your own site.